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What Does NAET Stand For?


NAET is the acronym for Dr. Devi Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques.  She studied many health care systems extensively, motivated by her own ill health and a desire to understand and heal the root causes of illness.  She holds the degrees of MD, DC, PhD, RN, and Lic Ac.  She discovered allergy elimination treatments in 1983, and has pioneered the protocols that are used worldwide today to treat and heal many conditions.


What is an Allergy?


Allergies are an unusual sensitivity to a substance, that the body then reacts to.  Allergies are usually to things that are harmless to most people, but this person’s brain views as dangerous. The nervous system sends a message to the immune system to get rid of the allergen and the immune response ensues. Western medicine views allergies as an over reaction by the immune system.



How Does NAET Work?


NAET usually involves a series of treatments that build upon each other.  Each treatment reprograms the nervous system, imprinting a new impression on the brain in place of the old allergic programming.  This can help the adaptive immune system calm down so it doesn’t respond in it’s old way by trying to expel or shut out the perceived threat/allergen thereby creating symptoms such as cough, inflammation, pain, sinus congestion, diarrhea or anaphylactic shock. 


How Do You Determine What Someone is Allergic To?


Most often NAET practitioners use a technique called Applied Kinesiology or Question Response Testing.  The practitioner uses techniques to get a strong muscle response and a weak muscle response from the patient’s body.  If someone is sensitive or allergic to a substance, their arm or indicator muscle will be weak while holding a sample vial of it. 

Allergy test results from your doctor or independent lab are essential and should be brought to the initial session or very soon thereafter.  Often times, the level of allergic response is small enough that it is a sensitivity and so might not show up in a blood test or a scratch test, yet the person still feels ill effects from the food or substance.


What’s the Treatment Like?


The treatments are comfortable and noninvasive.  The core of the treatment is acupressure on the patient’s back.  It feels great! This pressure stimulates specific acupuncture points and signals the brain that the item being treated is not a threat. For adults, acupuncture or acupressure points are then stimulated while they rest for 20 minutes to stabilize the treatment.  For children acupressure points are gently stimulated.  Then they can play or read for 20 minutes. At home, the item treated needs to be avoided for 25 hours.  During the 25 hours,  the treatment cycles through all the major acupuncture channels, exposing them to the new programming information. 


Lucy and  Dr. Nambudripad

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